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Now offering Cupping

Cupping is now available! Cupping uses gentle suction to help lift and expand tissues rather than compression of traditional massage techniques. There are two different methods for applying cups:  Stationary or Dynamic.  Stationary cupping leaves cups in place to do their work. This method can result in red or purple marks that fade over time.  Dynamic cupping slowly moves the cups over tissue.  This method is less likely to leave any marking behind. There is a additional fee of $10.00 if more than two cups are used in a session.

Re-Opening Update

September 17, 2021


I reopened as of July 6, 2020. In keeping with CDC Guidelines, please observe the following:


Masks are strongly recommended but not required. I will wear a mask at your request.


In addition to all of the cleaning protocols I already follow, I have added an air purifier with a HEPA filter and ventilate my space regularly.  At your request, I will open the window for additional ventilation.


There is a COVID-19 informed consent form that must be completed the first time you visit in addition to my usual Health History form.


If you are feeling unwell for any reason, please reschedule your appointment.


Vaccine Update

There is a great deal of misunderstanding regarding vaccines in general and the vaccine for Covid-19 in particular. I hope to clear up some of those misconceptions here.  The information here is based on science.


Vaccines are intended to prevent severe disease or death.  While the chance of catching the illness a vaccine is meant to prevent is often greatly reduced, it is still possible to catch the illness if there is an outbreak in your area.  No vaccine is 100% effective.  Vaccines protect the individual. However, if enough individuals are vaccinated then then the vaccinated can protect vulnerable individuals in a community.


The current vaccines for Covid-19 are a result of thirty years of research and technological development across multiple disciplines. The speed with which we were able to develop a new vaccine is a result of those thirty years.


The choice to vaccinate is a personal one and should be made in conjunction with your medical practitioner based on your health status and whether the benefits will outweigh the risks. 



E-gift Certificates Now Available

You no longer need to catch me in person to purchase a gift-certificate.  You may now purchase a customizable certificate through my booking site...just click the red "Book Now" button and scroll down to the bottom or use the link here

Wellness Massage


It is unfortunate that most consider massage to be a luxury, a special treat to be indulged in once or twice a year if at all. However, we should consider massage to be as important in our Wellness Lifestyle as diet, exercise and regular medical care (western or alternative). Therapeutic Massage is a natural healing art with roots deep in our prehistoric past used to enhance and restore health. Wellness goes beyond the idea of health being the absence of illness or disease and into the realm of well-being in all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational. Wellness Massage is as its name suggests: Massage intended to establish or maintain Wellness. Whether you are looking to reduce pain, manage stress or a disease condition, improve your sports performance, or simply seeking a little peace and balance in your busy lifestyle, Wellness Massage has clear and lasting benefits.


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