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Christine DC Decarolis, LMT, RMT

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Welcome Groupon Members

It has been wonderful meeting so many people through Groupon.  Here are a few FAQ's to help you redeem your voucher!


1).  Yes, my schedule is booked solid for the next 6-7 weeks.  If your voucher is due to expire before the next available appointment, I will honor the deal as long as you book your appointment prior to the expiration date.


2).  If you purchased a voucher with multiple sessions not all of your sessions have to take place prior to the expiration date.  Please spread out your appointments (monthly works well) so that others might have the opportunity to book.


3).  If you purchased a voucher with multiple sessions, all of the sessions must be used by the same person.  If you cannot keep an appointment, please contact me to reschedule. Do not send someone else in your place.

I've Moved...again!

I am now at 457 Bantam Road, Litchfield and I promise I'm not moving again! You will find me in the Harris Plains Professional Building next door to Litchfield Toyota.  I recommend that you come into the building through the side door and I'll be right across the hall..

Got a Cold? Stay Home!

No season is exempt from colds or illness. Massage is too taxing to your body and will make you sicker! Nor can you receive massage if you have a fever.  So reschedule your 24 hour notice cancellation policy is null and void if you're sick...and stay home and REST!!!

Inclement Weather

In the event frozen stuff falls from the sky, I use the Litchfield School System as a guide regarding cancellations.


If Litchfield cancels school, all appointments are automatically cancelled.  Stay home, sip on something warm and be careful shoveling.  I will be in touch to reschedule your appointment.


If Litchfield has a delayed opening, my morning appointments are automatically cancelled.  I will be in touch to reschedule.


If Litchfield has an early dismissal, my afternoon and evening appointments are automatically cancelled.  I will be in touch to reschedule.


If school remains open, but your are uncomfortable being out, please contact me to reschedule.

Wellness Massage


It is unfortunate that most consider massage to be a luxury, a special treat to be indulged in once or twice a year if at all. However, we should consider massage to be as important in our Wellness Lifestyle as diet, exercise and regular medical care (western or alternative). Therapeutic Massage is a natural healing art with roots deep in our prehistoric past used to enhance and restore health. Wellness goes beyond the idea of health being the absence of illness or disease and into the realm of well-being in all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational. Wellness Massage is as its name suggests: Massage intended to establish or maintain Wellness. Whether you are looking to reduce pain, manage stress or a disease condition, improve your sports performance, or simply seeking a little peace and balance in your busy lifestyle, Wellness Massage has clear and lasting benefits.


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